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Add a dash of color to your plant family with a tricolor Hoya. Each plant is unique and changes over time as the bright kelly green, misty yellow, and pink leaves grow in and mature. This princess is low maintenance and just wants a sunny spot to hang out and thrive.  



CONTAINER TYPE: Plastic Hanger


Carrie the Krimson Princess Hoya (Hoya Carnosa)

  • Our Legacy Plant collection is an ever-changing inventory put together through TSR friends and family. Gifted plants, clippings, stems, and half-dead donations, have allowed us to learn about a wide variety of species, how to nurture them best (and how NOT to).  Propagation comes next, which creates numerous new plants by clipping small stems or pieces of each plant and rooting them hydroponically. These plants are named after their donors who helped add a little more green to the world!


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